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For the textile finishing industry,

We offer sustainable smart solutions.

About us

Dena Boya is an important solution partner in the textile finishing industry, offering sustainable smart solutions with its wide product range, advanced laboratory and technical team.


It focuses on special dyestuffs to reduce the consumption of water, energy and natural resources, works with the aim of providing quality products and services by creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Our Smart Solutions

We take great pleasure in presenting the quality that our stakeholders desire, with technical support and sustainable, smart solutions.

Reactive Dyestuff

Dispers Dyestuff

Plant-based Dyestuffs

We care about nature and people.

As a member of the Denge Kimya family, we believe that we should aim to create benefits for the environment and the communities we live in, within the framework of our sustainability vision.

& Articles

We aim to be the pioneer of innovations by always making a difference in all the works we do. While doing this, we try to fulfill our responsibility towards the environment by putting sustainability at our center.

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