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Reactive dyestuffs

Our reactive dyestuffs used in the dyeing of cellulosic fibers (cotton, viscose, etc.) are sold with the registered brand Denactive. Denactive brand has 9 different groups. Each dye group has its own characteristics.


HF Series

High performance reactive dyestuffs with high light fastness, perspiration light fastness, weather fastness and oxidative washing fastnesses in light shades.


LC Series

This series are bifunctional dyestuffs. Competitive dyestuffs for light tones with high reproducibility and high fixation.


Conventional Dyestuffs

They are budget friendly, conventional dyestuffs with low unit cost.

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XF Series

The dyestuffs in this series have excellent trichromatic compatibility and color reproducibility. It is especially used as a solution to the repeatability problems of viscose fabrics.

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SD Series

SD series are reactive dyes with high reproducibility and good washing fastness with a special bifunctional anchor system. Recommended for medium and dark tones.

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Special Dyestuffs

They are special dyestuffs needed especially for dyeing bright orange, pink and flag red tones.

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VS Series

The dyestuffs in this group have the vinyl sulfone group. They have very good dyeing properties on cellulosic fibers and a wide color range.


SF Series

With the SF series, perfect combinations can be made for super deep and dark tones. Very deep tones can be achieved with a relatively low dye concentration.

Black Fabric

Black Series

Providing high performance in black tones for cellulose fibers. A wide range of products is available. The choice of dye should be made considering the desired properties of the fabric.

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