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About Us

Our story in textile dyestuffs started in 1993 with the establishment of Denge Kimya. Our company, Dena Boya, which was established in 2018 with a restructuring of Denge Kimya, has become a globally active company operating in the field of textile dyestuffs with its 30 years of experience, prioritizing sustainable values, and aiming to be the pioneer of innovations with its young, knowledgeable and dynamic structure.

We are an important solution partner of the industry with our advanced laboratories and collaborations, after-sales technical support, offering the most suitable solutions for all dyestuffs needed by the textile finishing industry.


Like the legendary bird of the Phoenix, inspired by the symbol of the Dena logo, we continue to keep the wisdom of all times alive in our ecosystem in an aware, powerful and innovative way.


To provide sustainable smart solutions to customer expectations.


To contribute positively to all our stakeholders with our products and service quality that make difference.


To be a solution partner of the sector by creating a sustainable competition.


To be sensitive, energetic, qualified and understanding.

Our History

Dena Boya has a dyestuff sales network within Denge Group for more than 30 years.


Dena Boya was founded for the trade of Textile Dyestuffs, with the company structuring of Denge Kimya.


80% of the Denactive brand was renewed and 60% growth was achieved in the first year.


Our Service Regions

As Dena Boya team, we have sales channels in regions where the textile industry is located, such as the Marmara region, the Mediterranean region, the Aegean region and Bursa.


While we make a difference with our unique solutions in marketing and sales in Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan and Bangladesh, we take advantage of our active position in international markets.

Would you like to join our family?

If you want to be a part of this organization, you can follow the currently open positions on LinkedIn.

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